So while I was on my way to Gozo, I was reflecting on the different realities each one of us lives. It’s intriguing how each one of us interprets a simple sentence differently. Everyone gives it a different meaning, reflecting his past experiences. This is what came out; We are in a dreaming state, in which the dream itself is trying to wake us up. Those of us who wake up, and start to experience the dream in a state of wakefulness, come to see the irrelevance  of it all. Material things, ambitions, possessions, will loose their value, which wasn’t their to begin with. All will be seen and given value through the one and only currency, Life! Life, is the most precious element there is, it can’t be bought, borrowed, stolen, but it can be taken away in an instant, and that’s why it can not be price tagged. Just breath, hear, see, touch and taste all the shapes and fragrances of Life. There is nothing to fear.