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After some paint work and a nature walk in Gozo, rested a bit on our new DIY bed. When I woke up, a vision came to mind, a small clip of me entering the apartment, carpet on the floor saying;
“Welcome! Leave your clothes outside and hang your mind on the provided hat hanger on your left. Thanks!”
That’s what I did, and a couple of hours later I found myself surrounded with friends at a club on the seashore dancing to some mindblowing psychedelic music. Was a night to remember, where faces became painted mirrors, even the stars could not resist the temptation of changing colour in yellow, green and orange to come and dance with us on the dancefloor.

Sunday morning we gathered all around the sun as she woke up. Lullabied gently by the waves hitting the shore, I never saw her in such a vibrant purple sheets of cloud. She was telling us to sit back and relax, and watch her dance, dressed in bright feathers, tip toeing on the sea’s horizon, while our heartbeats bang on the drums. The breeze from the valley behind us blew through the bamboo flute, sending chills up and down our spines.

At the end of her flamboyant show, She said;
“Go home, embrace your families, make love to your enemies, hold tight to your lovers. You have just been born again!”