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Being in touch with life puts us in a place where we are constantly griefing the loss of something; the death of someone,  forceful detachment brought on us by change for example. This is at least what I believe. A belief that I gained by being aware of what was going inside of me through the last year, when I quit drugs that were killing my body, mind and spirit.

It’s like when our birthday comes. We grief another year that has passed upon us, realizing how much more things we could have done, dreams we failed to realize, words we wanted to say to our loved ones but didn’t have to courage to express. Besides, no one likes getting one year older except for the young teeenagers. But while we grief for that year passed, subconciously we are making space for the new. A celebration started! We are celebrating that newly found space in us, in which fresh water will flow, giving life to some mesmerizing flower. That flower is you!

Some of us, like myself, ask the question; “but is it wrong to feel nothing or next to nothing when someone dies or departs?”

Yes, some of us don’t feel as much as they think they should, I am one of them. The thing is, that when we see Life as it is – Birth and Death, Death and Birth, we accept these losses as part of this great loving scheme of creation. So no, it’s not wrong to feel nothing or next to nothing, because you are one of us dancers that dance between the shadows and light, accepting the totality of Life!

We are here to dance in celebration of ourselves and others. To dance and sing all through our way to death!