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I could only see myself as a burnt eternal plain, where no seeds would fall and no flowers or trees grow, no river would dare to flow. Just arid fields of pain. Well, something must have happened some 18 months ago. Still I don’t know what. I know the factual events, but what triggered them, and the grandiosity behind it all, I still can’t fathom. I now am gathered around a fire that knows no end and no beginning, together with a number of friends that one can only wish for, coming from all walks of Life, some even from that same desolate place I roamed in. Some would call it destiny, I call it; “writing our own story, with a pen called Life, on a book named Universe.” When we open up ourselves to let all that Life has to offer, in her sweet and sour tastes, greatness happens! In that greatness there is us, the ultimate Soul, God – I am!

Today I surrender to the fact that Life can’t and shouldn’t be understood. Today I relinquish the so-called Spiritual practices like Yoga, chanting sessions, and even decreased Meditation, for the simple reason that, there is one ultimate practice – Life! All things point to it, the simple breath, the bird on the tree, the flower and the bee, tell me to enjoy this experience, to let go and let the morning Sun’s light, the shadows of the night, flow in and through me. For I am made off all this that you see, and more.

The Half-Moon told me; “I am what you can’t see.”