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They say; “replace your negative thoughts with positive ones!” I say they are still thoughts. If I question the source of the negative thought, I will realize that I am. And what exactly is a negative thought, or a positive one for that matter?

For me going to shop with my father was extremely stressful, does that mean negative*?* Today I decided to go with him, because after reflecting on what I mentioned in my first paragraph, I realized that I was creating this negative experience for myself. Usually I used to go and all the while trying to think positively, and most of the positive thoughts that I brought up where; hmm I would do this and that… my room would be nice like that… I am on a sandy beach enjoying the Summer… I am in the Swiss alps enjoying a hot choc.
What – the – fuck?!! That is called future, not living the present moment. When I got over both polarities of thought, after today’s reflection, there were no thoughts at all. I am just, being! By suppressing the negative thoughts with positive thoughts, I was actually creating more thoughts.
They say; “you attract what you think.”
I say; “I don’t want to think! I look inside and see peace, love, and bliss. That is what I am, and that is what comes my way.”
P.S. I did enjoy shopping with my father 😛