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When I was a kid my parents satisfied most of my wants, although not instantly. Being that we are two boys, my parents always had to buy two of each thing. If it was a BMX or something else, my parents saved money, and we would get it for Christmas. They didn’t buy us unnecessary things, and we always had to wait for them. They were teaching us the value of things, together with the value of waiting. I never was the type to wait, and surely was the type that always want more. I would even manipulate my brother to let me play with his toys, so while my toys were all still brand new, his were all half broken. I wanted to see how the toy works, so I would use my brother’s for that.
Since a couple of weeks back, one of my wishes was to get in bed with as much women as possible. But from last week Life taught me better. I was deluding myself in the belief that freedom is having what I want, I was wrong! I realized that to have all that I wanted meant to focus on many things at once, to again manipulate and control circumstances in my favor, which resulted in total waste of energy. I realized that in trying to obtain these wants were distracting me from my own reality.
If it’s a woman, I decide to have one, for she deserves to be given true value, for our body is a temple, for I want to lessen the distractions that keep me from achieving my ultimate goal – Life!

What we are searching in other’s, is neglecting us in finding it in ourselves.
What are we afraid of finding in our Selves?