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When we are given birth into this world, we are empty of knowledge, yet full of wisdom. With age, our families, society with it’s schools, employment, and structural programming of chaotic wants and neediness, start to teach us this and that. What time we have to eat. How to eat. What to dress. They try to shape us into something we are not. They try to make us believe that life is hard, so I have to be strong, tough, therefore I don’t have the luxury to feel cause I have to move on to the next thing, and next, and more, more…
The most magnificent journey we are presented with, is that of inner discovery. One that is limitless, where even the sky has no boundaries and the clouds are there to dance on. Most of us travel the Earth to get a sense of the sheer magnificence of all, others travel the dark corners of thought with drugs. Both situations isolate us from the chaotic world of social hierchy and false security. We realise that in Life there is no security. Life herself is a Goddess of insecurities. Through embracing that insecurity we become fearless. We enter a space of continuous newness…a state of godliness.
The unknown is always greater than the known. The known is limited by its own volume. The unknown doesn’t have volume, it cannot be contained.
Life is the journey of discovering one’s Self.