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There’s a place, a space, with no face – a connection between man and woman, so deep, so innocent, beyond the pleasures of body, where ego can’t even linger in its shadow.

It’s when you share a pair of headphones, while listening to a song, sitting at the shore, observing and listening to the sea as he sculptures the land with his salty waters in the background.
When you kiss the tears coming down from each other’s eyes, holding each other tight. Where the broad shoulder of man has purpose, to hold her head high, to the bluest of skies, while she cries. Together they go revisiting each other’s past and come back as new born children.

“I see the Sun hiding behind clouds, in her morning shyness.
She just woke up and yet She shines bright.
And those comforting words that She whispers to me,
So softly bring tears to my eyes;
“I love you child”