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Do you know the feeling of when entering a cave, while outside the cold wind blows so hard that it tears off your skin – a devilish rupture? The first assimilation of the senses, is the welcoming warm humidity of the cave, a cosines that reminds me of home – the womb. Where all exterior sounds and noises fade in the echoing melody of water droplets falling gracefully to their destiny of rock. Placed myself in the depths of the cave, staring at walls that recited the story written in scars on my own body.

“My my, let us sing this poor boy a lullaby – bye!
Let his sickening anguish,
Through our water perish!
Drink the sour tea,
From the sacred tree.
Chew the hardened root,
In it you’ll find wisdom
– and truth.
With Her kiss, a drunken taste of mint,
She will take you through the labyrinth.
Now! …the puzzled query…
Are you ready for the land of eerie?”