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We call it Destiny, yet when we see it unfolding in front of us we get afraid, some end up saying “I didn’t want this!”

We forget that with each step we take comes a decision, therefore we chose this path – no one else did, and we shouldn’t let others or any kind of law decide what is best for us. Destiny is not something fixed. We are the creators of it!.
We have to come in terms with ourselves so we can understand better. Don’t pretend others to understand you, or the decision you take, because sometimes they never will.
Imagine your self as a pool of still water, unmoved. Than a breeze comes, or a leaf falls, or a rock had penetrated to your depths, causing ripples, waves on your surface or core. Those are all Life’s situations, creating feelings, sometimes even turbulence in you. Big or small, they all brought change in your Life and in your Being. I call expansion, evolution. Accept all that, and you will find your self surfing on top waves of soul. What you have been afraid of, has now made you a better human being, realizing that there is nothing, “no thing” to be afraid of.
I am embracing Death as part of my daily Life, present in each moment.
I am that space where Soul meets Life.